1-01-2019. BSSA 1st Alan Brown Time Trial

6-01-2019. Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial

13-01-2019. Swindon & District Brian Freegard Trial

13-01-2019. North Somerset Eco Angus Trophy Time Trial

20-01-2019. Wells Miller Cup Trial

3-02-2019. North Somerset Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial

10-02-2019. BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Time Trial

10-02-2019. Mendip Vale Winterhead Trial

17-02-2019. Swindon & District Klindt Trophy Trial

24-02-2019. Kingswood Avery Trial

24-02-2019. North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Time Trial

03/03/2019.Wilts Border MC & LCC Salutation Novice Trial


10/03/2019. BSSA Reg Lewis


17/03/2019.Wells John Stait 


24/03/2019. North Somerset MSC Jack Ball Trophy Time Trial

                       MCC1st Club Trial


31/03/2019. West Wilts James Cup Trial


07/04/2019. Swindon & Dist MCC Corinium


13/04/2019. Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Trial

14/04/2019. North Somerset Weymouth Trophy


28/04/2019. BSSA 3rd Alan Brown


04/05/2019. North Somerset MSC Colin Stenner Elect TT

06/05/2019. Mendip Vale Phoenix Trial


12/05/2019. Swindon & Dist MCC Hoult Cup Trial


                       BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial


5/05/2019. North Somerset Fowlers Trophy TT    


26/05/2019. BSSA Tuck Cross


27/05/2019. Kingswood MCC Charity Trial


02/06/2019. North Somerset MSC Valley Smokehouse 

09/06/2019. Wells & Dist  Windsor Cup Trial


16/06/2019. West Wilts Tanner Trudge


23/06/2019. Swindon and Dist Swindonian LDT


30/06/2019. Kingswood MCC 2nd Club Trial


14/07/2019. Swindon and District Wooster Trophy Trial


17/07/2019. North Somerset MSC GMB Garages Trophy


11/08/2019. Swindon & Dist MCC Maslin Trophy Trial


17/08/2019. North Somerset MSC Tatootime Trophy Time Trial


08/09/2019. BSSA Brian Hudson Memorial


22/09/2019. North Somerset MSC R T Keedwell


                       Swindon and District Foxwell Enduro


29/09/2019. Wells Presidents 


                       Kingswood MCC Hawkesbury Trial


06/10/2019. West Wilts Errington Cup Trial


13/10/2019. Swindon & Dist MCC Jack Crostan Trial


20/10/2019. Kingswood MCC 3rd Club Trial


27/10/2019. North Somerset MSC Gordon Brown Chase TT


                       Mendip Vale Brockley Cup Trial


03/11/2019. BSSA 4th Alan Brown


17/11/2019. NorthSomerset MSC Ivan Manning


24/11/2019. North Somerset MSC Presidents Trophy Trial


01/12/2019. Wells Mike Cornish Time Trial


08/12/2019. Bath & West of England MC Knut Trophy Trial


21/12/2019. Mendip Vale Turkey Team Trial


22/12/2019. North Somerset MSC Richard Sage Electrical TT


27/12/2019. BSSA Phil Sparkes Trial


29/12/2019. Kingswood MCC 4th Club Series Trial